It's a Beautiful Thing

My first made-from-scratch Mardi Gras king cake, pre-icing (click on photo for a close-up of the baby):

My first made-from-scratch Mardi Gras "King J" cake, post-icing, and post pre-icing theft:

My Mardi Gras "King J" cake, surrounded by other lovelies at this weekend's Southern Ruck at Nantahala Outdoor Center:

It was really good. Luckily, the cake thieves did not kidnap the baby.


Joan said…
Your blog is making me hungry again. I love my carbs. That's why I gain weight when I run. I'll come home and eat way too many carbs.
Linda said…
Who was responsible for the post pre-icing theft? Be honest, Nina.
Who got the baby?
Waterfall said…
Joan: Strange ... on the days I run, I tend to feel healthier and am less inclined to eat a lot. It's on the days I don't run that I have problems!

Linda: Hubster got the baby, then accidentally threw it away. The guilty party would not come forward, despite much groaning and gnashing of teeth on my part. Grr.

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