I Miss My Uphill Runs

I see the physical therapist today. I'll let you know what she says. Personally, I think I have a twisted pelvis. (Sounds bad, doesn't it. But it's not. Just a little painful. And running makes it hurt more.)

I saw a medical doctor on Monday and she had no clue what was wrong with me. She couldn't tell that anything was really wrong. She thought I might have a sprain of some sort. And that my thigh pain "definitely isn't related" to my lower-back pain.

Hmm. Coincidence that they just started at the same exact time?

So I'm going to a not-so-traditional PT. I really hope she can fix whatever it is. I need my running fix!


Buffy said…
I refuse to believe a twisted pelvis is not as bad as it sounds.

Jammie J. said…
I hope the new doctor has some insight. That sucks to not be able to do what you love. And need.
Linda said…
That wooden bridge--how great!

When you say a not-so-traditional PT, do you mean a chiropractor? How did it go?

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