Belinda, You Are A Winner!

Belinda, as winner of the "Name That Goo" contest of last week, you get to choose a prize. Below are your choices. Please let me know what you would like! Note: You MUST choose from the choices below!

Prize #1: Goody's Headache Powder! This stuff works. Of all the headache medicines in the world, this one's my very favorite.

Prize #2: Your very own Kit-Kat bar, bought by me at the Texaco in historic yet touristy (or touristy yet historic) Cherokee, North Carolina.

Prize #3: A signed copy of The Hubster's very own book, America, One Step at a Time. It includes the chapter where he and I fall madly in love. Don't worry, it's PG-rated.

Prize #4: A lovely pocket-sized Spanish-English dictionary. (Note: You should only ask for this if you can read fine print.)

So, Belinda, what'll it be? Take your time ... I know it's hard to decide when you have so many tempting choices!

You can thank Linda for the idea of giving out such larger-than-life prizes. Don't you wish you could "be Linda"? Har har har ...


not Belinda said…
No, I don't wish I could "be Linda." I wish I could be Belinda. It's not fair! It was RIGGED, I'm SURE of it. All these great prizes she gets to choose from.
This IS Belinda said…
Prize 3!3!3!3!3!3!3!

That's the outstanding one!
Jammie J. said…
Oh! I would totally pick the headache powder, followed by America one step at a time (I ♥ love stories) and THEN, if you can believe it, the kit kat bar. :)
I found a couple typos in prize #3. You should have a stern talk with the editor now that you're giving it away as a prize. ;)
Belinda said…
Despite the typos, 3 is the magic number! Perhaps followed closely by the Kit-kat bar..or preferably at the same time so I can eat while I read. ;-)

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