And The Winner Is ...

The winner of the photo contest is Belinda, who correctly guessed Answer C, that the grey goo was frosting made to celebrate Ohio State's victory over Florida in the BCS Championship Game.

If you follow football, then you probably know that Ohio State lost miserably to Florida in Monday night's game. I don't follow football (unless it's LSU), but I'm married to a dyed-in-the-wood Buckeye fan, which means ... I know when Ohio State wins, and when they lose. And they lost Monday night.

But before they lost, I made a Waterfall-original Ohio State Buckeyes cake. It featured the school's colors, scarlet and grey.

Hubster loved his cake, which was shaped like an "O" for "Ohio."

Beneath the grey icing was a luscious red velvet cake.

If that wasn't enough, Hubster hung up his Ohio flag in our living room. This flag was a Christmas present from Yours Truly.

Congratulations, Belinda! You've obviously had much greater luck than the hapless Buckeyes this year. I'll look for the perfect contest prize for you this weekend and will post it on Monday.

Thanks for playing, everyone! This has been such fun!


Belinda said…
Good Lord, I won! Goes to show: Never trust your instincts!

And by the way, the Hubster is wearing what is probably the best shirt I have ever seen, in the above photos.

Thank you in advance for my prize. I would prefer the $1 million in unmarked bills please.
sore loser said…
Nina, I have to hand it to you. This was a magnificent contest. But I'm so upset! I wanted the prize.
Matt Ng said…
Hahaha... Great contest. Who would have thought of it? Too bad I wuz late for joining.
My Hat's off to you. I'll be using this idae for my blog about making money online soon. Great way to create buzz and interaction with my readers.

Happy New Year.

Matt Ng
Internet Money Maker
platitudinal said…
Hi, Nina. Your husband looked really happy with the cake; that's quite an endearing picture.

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