And the answer is ...

Several of you correctly guessed the identity of the grey goo of my picture contest. Dana, Jammie J., Dulciana, and Linda all guessed it or were closer-than-close: it's frosting.

Miz Delphi Chassis and Linda win honorable mentions for their creative, cat-related guesses.

But no one guessed what this grey goo would be used for. So I'll give you a multiple choice test:

a. It's not cake frosting; it's hair frosting, a special kind that actually hides the grey in your hair.

b. It was for a birthday cake for a friend who is turning 40; the theme of the party is "Old and Gray."

c. It was made to celebrate Ohio State's victory over Florida in the BCS Championship Game.

d. It was part of a fun little party to celebrate the long-awaited completion of our bathroom remodeling. It was, indeed, meant to look like spackling. Other "snacks" included "baseboard cookie bars," "rain-showerhead cookies," and a bowl of punch with a rubber ducky swimming around in it.

e. It wasn't supposed to be grey. The color was actually a mistake. I should just use the canned Duncan Hines stuff in the future.

Correct guess wins a PRIZE!


Linda said…
Why does miz delphi always have to butt in line and get in front of me?

OK. I'm going to choose "B," because I know if it were "D," you couldn't have resisted showing photos of the other snacks before now. Your audience would have demanded them.
Linda said…
Hey, wait a minute! I'm on Pacific time. So I actually came in BEFORE miz delphi! Do I get another chance?
I gotta go with 'e', because I have made similar mistakes in the past...

I'm a decent writer, but not much of a baker, I guess.
Belinda said…
Oh I was going to say D as well, but Miz beat me too it! So I'll say c - just because I know it isn't that.
Waterfall said…
Linda: No, you may not have another chance. (I would give you one, but someone else has already guessed the correct answer!)

Belinda: You win!

Delphi and Rob: Excellent guesses. Alas, you are wrong. Never fear; there are more photo contests to come!
Jammie J. said…
LOL -- well, I'm too late to vote, but I have to say I really enjoyed your creativity. Baseboard cookie bars? *snicker*

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