Wednesday, January 31, 2007

794 Words, All About Eula

I added 794 words to my novel today. In my sidebar, I've added a little chart to show my novel progress. (HT: A Stop at Willoughby) Chapter Six has been a challenge, but I now have seven of the planned 15 pages written. And the final eight pages are outlined, so it looks like I'm on target to complete the chapter by Friday, as planned.

My character, Eula, was not supposed to be a major character. But she apparently has a mind of her own. Those 794 words were all about Eula.

This writing thing is hard. It took me three hours, including procrastination activities of reading e-mails and Googling old friends, to write those 794 words.

I really need to be more disciplined.


  1. It sounds like you are doing well to me.

  2. Ha - I had a great aunt named Eula, and so everytime I think of your writing about her, I see an old, stooped church lady with very dark, wiry hair.