Working All Week

I've worked every single day this week--on something other than the novel, I mean. I've been putting in time on the novel, but this week I've been very busy with other (read: paying) jobs, between the bookstore, editing, and ... subbing.

Yes, friends, today I'm substituting for the English teacher at the school where I taught English last year. I should be more excited about this than I am; after all, I'm going to see lots of people that I haven't seen since last May, teachers and administrative staff that I love, and students that I love even more. Though I'll miss "my seniors," who are probably in the middle of their first-ever college exams right now.

I think it'll be a good day. I hope it will. My memories of last year are not particularly good (not because of students or co-workers, but because of stuff I was going through at the time), and I pray that today will be a good experience all around.

And then it's back to the bookstore tomorrow!


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