Running Required

I was such a good little runner before the holidays. Now I am a slug. A pitiful, pathetic slug. It's not my fault, though. Honestly. My bones got out of whack, and I was forced to quit running for a couple of weeks. And now I feel like a slug. A pitiful, pathetic slug.

I ran once while in Louisiana, and boy, did it feel good. Something in my soul just opens up when I start running. I'm not particularly graceful, and I certainly don't look like a runner--lithe, athletic, and all that--but that doesn't matter. I feel like I'm all of those things when I'm running. After my Louisiana run, I felt better than I'd felt in ... two weeks.

I started running again yesterday. I'm starting with a few easy runs, and yesterday's run was 3.1 miles. I could have gone farther, wanted to go farther, but I made myself stop at 3.1 miles.

I can't begin to explain how on-top-of-the-world I feel after a run. I don't think it's the legendary "runner's high." I think it's just that sense of being able to breathe deeply, of knowing the muscles are strong and working, of feeling healthy. And it's nice to know that I can eat that 300-calorie dessert and not have to worry about gaining weight.

Speaking of gaining weight: between my forced hiatus from running and my holiday diet of chocolate and pecans, I've put on a pound or two. Which is another reason that I feel like a slug. But, because I ran yesterday and will run another five miles before Sunday, I don't feel guilty or depressed about gaining the weight.

Since I've spent much of my life feeling guilty and depressed about eating and gaining weight (a typical American female, I probably am), I've decided that running is a definite requirement for me ... for the rest of my life, no matter what it takes, and no matter where life takes me. Barring permanent injury, I hope to still be running when I'm eleventy-one.

My next planned race, by the way, is a 5K with the Hubster (yes, the Hubster!) in Myrtle Beach in February. We're hoping some friends down there will join us, either as cheerleaders or as fellow runners. I'll start my official 5K training next year (heh, heh ... as in "next Monday").


Anonymous said…
I hereby resolve never to run a 5k in the winter again. Never, never, never. Have fun running in February! Besides, with my new job at a CPA firm, my winters will be bogged down with overtime during tax season, giving me a great excuse not to voluntarily run in the cold ever again for eleventy-one years.

dulciana said…
I really need to find some sort of exercise that gives me the same feeling of exhileration that running gives you. Maybe then I'd stick with it!

Hope you have a great New Year!
Brad Williams said…
I'm running in a 5K Feb. 3. What will you do to prepare?

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