A Good Christmas

Hubster and I had a good Christmas 2006. Here are some of the more memorable moments.

1. The Drive Down: We flew down the highway until we got to Baton Rouge. We sat in Baton Rouge traffic (I-12) for an hour an a half. We were glad to get home.

2. The 88-year-old Osteopath: Dr. M.A. Truluck, an old-fashioned osteopath in Ponchatoula, is a true healer. He fixed my hip/thigh problem. They no longer hurt. I can run again, after a few more days of letting my body heal. I don't know what I'm going to do when this man ultimately passes on. There aren't many left like him. Fortunately for me, if there are any, Asheville is the likely place to find them.

3. Seeing Friends: Saturday night, Hubster and I went to downtown Baton Rouge, where we met Jan, Andye, and Alison at Tsunami. My, but downtown Baton Rouge has changed since I was last there. The Shaw Center for the Arts is a brand-new enterprise that includes the LSU Museum of Art and houses small concerts all year long. The restaurant is at the very top of the building and boasts a view of the Mississippi River and the bridge. Our friend Erv met us a little later, then we went over to a bar called The Roux House, where we met up with Mary and Nancy. It was great to see everyone. We didn't have nearly enough time ... even though we stayed there until 1 a.m., we still didn't get completely caught up.

4. Christmas Eve: We went to church Sunday morning. Brad Williams (who blogs here) is an amazing preacher (and singer). That night, he did a wonderful monologue as Simeon ... which was interrupted by the greenery in the baptistry catching fire from some nearby candles, and the fire spreading a bit before they could put it out. I think Brad was hoping for a Christmas Eve service that would never be forgotten ... and he got it. (But to be fair, his monologue was pretty unforgettable, too. Even without the fire.)

5. Making Pie: I actually spent much of Christmas Eve in the kitchen. I had such success with my from-scratch apple pie at Thanksgiving that I decided to do an encore. I must admit, crust-making in Louisiana during a downpour is a bit different from crust-making in western North Carolina when it's dry and 40 degrees out. My crust was a sticky mess, and I had to add a lot more flour than I wanted to, then ended up with a bloated crust. It was, however, an extremely tasty bloated crust. And it made for a beautiful pie. And everyone said the extra work (to make the pie, crust included, from scratch) was worth it. Ah. I love making people's taste buds happy.

6. Muffins: I woke up before everyone else on Christmas morning and made what I'm calling cinnamon puff-muffs. They were pretty good, but you could just sense those muffins pining away for a hint of banana, a crunch of toasted pecan. So, next time I'm going to experiment with making pecanamon puff-muffs. I'll let y'all know how they turn out.

7. Christmas: Christmas Day was good. We did the present thing. Our gift-giving is pretty subdued, as there are no kids (the youngest person in our immediate family is 33-year-old Mu). Everyone liked the gifts that The Hubster and I gave them, so that made me happy.

8. Visiting Again: Hub and I went back to Baton Rouge Christmas night to visit with a few more people before heading back to Carolina in the morning. We got to see Jan's new house and meet her man, and we also got to visit with my friend Ellen's parents, which was great because I hadn't seen them since our wedding.

It's been a good holiday, but I'm ready to get back to "real life"--editing, bookselling, writing, and piano-ing. I hope you, dear readers, had a merry Christmas as well.


Gannet Girl said…
It's so wonderful to hear about a great holiday in Louisiana! Merry Christmas!
A Christmas Eve fire--how exciting! I used to be a pastor, and I longed for the greenery to ignite just once on Christmas Eve to liven things up a bit, but it never happened. (Sigh.)
Lina said…
It's very nice to read how other countries celebrate christmas. I enjoyed your blog. Cheers!

Linda said…
"We did the present thing...
Everyone liked the gifts that The Hubster and I gave them, so that made me happy."

OK, I'm ready for the gift test.
Jammie J. said…
Wow -- I'm so glad you had a great Christmas. That makes me so happy. :)
Brad Williams said…
Thanks! I am glad to know that I am a good preacher, singer, and actor. That makes me a triple threat.;) But we need a little work on our pyrotechnics display.

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