Bad News and Good News

The Bad News: My left hipbone is higher than my right as a result of some weird twisting thing my hips did. They've done this before, so I'm reluctant to place the blame on running ... though running probably didn't help any.

The Good News: The miracle-working osteopath who has treated me the two previous times this happened (six years ago and nine years ago) and is about 100 years old is still ticking and still open for business. So I'm going to see him next week!


The Bad News: I probably shouldn't run between now and then.

The Good News: I can still walk! And bike! And swim!

The Even Better News: This condition isn't one that stops people from running!


The Bad News: I probably bought a new pair of $running shoes$ last week for no reason.

The Good News: I have a brand-new pair of running shoes!


The Bad News: Yesterday was my last scheduled piano lesson of 2006.

The Good News: Deborah's Christmas present to me is a free lesson next week!


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