Thankful for Mu

Tonight I am thankful for my sister, Mu. Mu teaches fourth grade and is a very patient person. She's also a grad student in counseling, an amazing tennis player, and a silly girl. Oh, and she makes a mean corn casserole, too.

Mu probably knows me better than anyone, except maybe my mom. She's seen me at my absolute worst, and she still thinks I'm the coolest sister ever. (Maybe. I'll need to verify that with her, actually.)

Whenever I start talking to Mu, it's as if some silly bone in my brain is activated. I suddenly become very silly. And then Mu becomes very silly. And we end up laughing so hard we can't talk.

Mu cries when she laughs.

Here's Mu with our dad, Mr. Hugh.

The wild dancin' couple to their left is Mu's hubster, Stu, and his sister (Mu's sister-in-law).

I get to see Mu tomorrow. Stu, too. I love words that end with an "oo" sound. It's true. Don't you?

I'm so thankful for Mu.

I'll write about other things I'm thankful for tomorrow. But for now, I'm celebrating the miracle that is Mu. You should, too!


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