Taking a Break

Note: I'm still updating my piano blog. One reason I'm taking a break is that I know I need to devote more time to music.

Last November, I made an announcement that I would be shutting down my blog. I had every intention of shutting down my blog. I was so sick of it. It had become, in my mind, uninteresting. So, at the end of November, I declared an end to A Sort of Notebook.

Well, we can see how that went. What was to be the end of my blog merely turned into an extended break of about a month.

Maybe it's a November thing, but I feel a great need to quit blogging again. So I'm going to take another extended break and see what happens. My prediction is that, by the start of 2007 (or sooner), I'll be posting up a storm again. But I'm taking a few weeks off for now.

Later, y'all!


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