Since Linda Cares What I Had For Lunch ...

Heh heh. The inimitable Linda Davick cares what I had for lunch, even if no one else does. :) Today I had the same thing that a few other people in these United States had. And it was one of the yummiest Thanksgiving dinners I've ever eaten.

We had Thanksgiving dinner (lunch, really) in Brevard, North Carolina. Dinner-eaters were Big Don and Bee (Mu's parents-in-law), Alison and Max (Mu's sister- and brother-in-law), Victoria (Mu's niece), Gnu (my brother), Mu and Stu (my sister and brother-in-law), Hubster (the sexiest man alive), and me.

My brother Gnu prepared the turkey, and Bee cooked it. She also made the dressing, which was scrumptious. And the mashed potatoes and gravy. And a pecan pie, which I heard was wonderful, but didn't eat, since I don't like pecan pie (even though I love pecans--weird).

My sister Mu made the green bean casserole and a corn casserole. That Mu, she can make a mean corn casserole.

Allison, Mu's sister-in-law, made a sweet potato pie. Yum, yum. That's the pie I ate.

I'm not sure who prepared the cranberry sauce. That might have been Bee, too.

I made the sweet potato casserole and an apple pie. We brought some vanilla bean ice cream to go with the apple pie. Double yum. Sweet potato casserole and apple pie just happen to be my favorite holiday dishes. And if I make 'em, that means I get to keep any leftovers. :)

I made both the casserole and the pie from scratch. Peeled and chopped a bunch of potatoes last night, then woke up early this morning to start making the pie crust, and then core, slice, and peel a mixture of Granny Smith and Cortland apples. I'm still not an expert at making neat pie crusts, but it was dee-lish.

We had a wonderful meal, and a wonderful time. Two-and-a-half-year-old Victoria is a doll. We had fun playing baby songs on her toy keyboard.

We missed Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Gwen. But we still had a great Thanksgiving.


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