Ready to Start Chapter 6

I'm ready to start drafting Chapter 6 ... just as soon as I fold another load of clothes, sweep the kitchen floor, vacuum up the cat hair, and ... oh, I really should go shopping for Thanksgiving groceries today. And then I have that meeting this afternoon.

I'm hungry. No. I can't be hungry. I just had breakfast an hour ago. I'm not hungry.

I'll get more coffee. No, I should get water. Then I'll do some housework, then I'll start Chapter 6.

First, I'll pet the cats for a few minutes.

No. It's time to start writing now. Three hours. Then I can do all that other stuff.

It's really hard to make myself write when there are clothes in the dryer, waiting to be folded. Ever since I started working on this novel, I've become super-aware of household duties that need attending. I was never particularly aware of those before.

It's 10:00. Time to write.


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