Chapter Four Draft: Done

I turned off the phones at 10:30 this morning. Sat down in front of the computer. Did my best not to play on the internet. Focused on writing.

My chapters are getting longer and longer. Chapter One was 12 pages. Chapter Two was 14. Chapter Three was 16. And now Chapter Four is 17.

I only wrote about three pages today. I was writing a rather sensitive scene in which a young woman befriends a stroke victim who lives in a nursing home. He's very sweet but not very verbal. I didn't think it would be hard to write the scene, but it kept veering toward the saccharine--"sappy greeting-card style," I call it--so I kept deleting and rewriting, taking out the sappy-sounding adjectives and replacing them with concrete description and dialogue (in this case, the woman's thoughts, the old man's face, and the babbling of another person nearby).

I'm still not happy with the scene, or with the chapter ending (which also qualifies for Sappy Greeting Card Status), but I'm going to move on. The words will come to me when they're ready. Meanwhile, I'll plow ahead to Chapter 5.


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