Brief Running Update

Running has been going pretty well. Not great. Last week was so busy that I missed two days of running. Also, I ran in 30-degree weather twice and ended up with a bad cough from the cold air hitting the back of my throat. So it probably wasn't a bad thing that I took a few days off.

Yesterday I ran a pitiful five miles. I didn't even run the whole way. I was supposed to go seven. I was so sluggish though, probably because it was very humid out. I felt like I was carrying ten extra pounds on each hip. Today I went to the gym and did the hamster thing, covering six miles on the treadmill. It was a good workout. I weighed myself before the workout and after the workout and had lost three pounds of water in 55 minutes.

So. It's really humid and I've obviously been very bloated. You can imagine how much I feel like running. But I do it anyway, and I always feel better afterwards. Even on the not-so-good days.

Tomorrow is a day off. Thursday: another five miles. Friday: an easy 5K. Saturday: Long run!!


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