Ahhh ... Practice!

That sweet Hubster of mine had dinner ready when I got home from work today. Which means that I had the leisure to practice tonight. Which was good, because I've set certain goals for each piece.

I'm working hard on the C#-major prelude. Playing hands separately, switching from right hand in one measure to left hand in the other because the hands keep switching roles and I want to follow the roles through. Goal #1: To play this piece well, though not at tempo, at the group piano class in two weeks. Goal #2: To play this piece at tempo by the end of the year, and to have it ready to perform (read: prelude at church, or something like that) in January.

I'm working steadily on the C#-major fugue. I learned some new measures, but I've neglected those measures that I've already learned, so I've spent much of this week reviewing what I already know and not working so hard on new measures. Goal: To play this piece perfectly, not necessarily at tempo but it would be nice, by the end of the year.

I wasn't particularly happy with the Liszt tonight. I think I was getting tired because I spent so much of my practice session on Bach. The quasi Violoncello section just ... I don't know. It drags. I drag it. I need to figure out why I'm dragging it, and quit dragging it. I think I'm dragging it for two reasons: (1) psychological--I find it less interesting than the two other sections, and (2) technical--it's technically the easiest section of the entire piece, so I haven't practiced it with the same rigorous determination as I have the other pieces. Goal: To play this piece bee-yoo-ti-ful-ly at the group piano class in two weeks. To wow anyone and everyone who happens to be at a Christmas party that I attend where a piano is available.

I played all three pieces for the Hubster. It wasn't pretty. Goal: To play for more informal audiences, and then to drill to death those sections that I slip up on when under the pressure of an audience.

I'm going to start playing for nursing homes, so that'll be a start, even though nursing-home pianos are famously bad. But the old folks won't mind my imposing Liszt and Bach on them if I also bring along my Baptist hymnal and play some old-time gospel afterward. Which is exactly what I'm planning to do. :)

That's the piano update for now. Good night!


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