Action Shots! From Real Life!

Those of you who like to live on the edge, I already know how jealous you are. After all, not every thrill-seeker gets to work the Sunday-afternoon shift at the local independent bookstore, no sirree. I guess I'm just lucky. Hubster visited me at work today and took some gripping action photos so that you, dear readers, can live vicariously through me. I know. Don't mention it. You're very, very welcome.

In this photo, I'm making change while engaging in pleasant conversation about the weather and/or literature and/or the fact that I'm new here, so please excuse the fact that I'm being a doofus.

The photo below is not quite as exciting, since I'm merely posing for the camera.

And then, lest you think I am the only member of this marriage that lives on the edge, here are a couple of action shots of the Hubster. In the shot below, he is standing and talking at the same time. This is a motivational speech he made about his little stroll from Ohio to San Diego.

OK, so standing and talking at the same time isn't that exciting. Ah! But here, he's sitting, writing, and talking at the same time. Signing copies of his book. Remembering how to spell his name--all after writing such epistles like, "To Bob. Live Your Dreams!" I know what you're thinking--that Waterfall, she sure didn't marry no dummy!

More exciting Action Shots! From Real Life! to come. Just as soon as we take some more. I was going to post a picture of my blistered toe, but I think we've all had enough excitement for one blog-post.


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