Stuff I Gotta Remember Not to Forget

Work on Chapter 3 (3 hours)

Practice piano (2 hours)

Complete and submit critiques for novel class (2-3 hours)

Give the kitchen a good cleaning

Wash clothes (all day)

Vacuum (20 minutes)

Swiffer the kitchen floor (5 minutes)

Run 6 miles (1 hour, give or take)

Call my friend Tree tonight (30 minutes? 45? More? As long as necessary.)

Write letters to Tina, Eb and Dwinda, Steve, and Tree (1.5 hours or more)

Make groceries (1 hour)

Sheesh. I have a lot to do today. Better get started. I might skip the grocery-shopping and convince Hubster to take his lovely wife out to dinner tonight instead. :)


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