The Short Version

Piano: Practicing again. My teacher loves me, la la la.

Novel Class: Submitted Chapter 2 for critique. My teacher thinks I'm talented, la la la.

(I love being a Good Student, if you can't tell by now.)

Novel: Working on Chapter 3. Not making much headway, yet.

Running: 5.2 miles today. Tomorrow is my long run: 12 mile-a-roonies.

E-mail: I'm behind, as always. Hoping to catch up tomorrow.

Bookstore Life: I love it. I love it. I love it. When things are slow, I get to read stuff. Oprah might come visit us. I'm not a big Oprah fan, but it would still be cool.

Family: Beau, Hideaway, and Hubster are all injury-free, for once.

Freelance Life: I made enough this week to buy new tires for the car. I feel rich. Even though I don't have any money left.

Life in General: I was about to write "life is good," but I feel bad writing that because I know so many people whose lives are really crappy right now. And I've been a sucky friend because I am terrible about calling people when their lives are crappy. So life really isn't that good, even though things are going well in our little corner of the world. I'm writing notes and calling people tomorrow. Then I'll catch up on e-mails.

I'll blog more later. Right now I'm going to bed 'cause I'm tarred as can be.


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