Random Running Post

I've been reading a few runner blogs here and there, and one I read regularly is Not Born to Run. Jeanne ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday and wrote a very detailed report of her race experience. Very inspiring--right now a half-marathon is the only major race on my running horizon, but now I'm wondering if I could someday try for The Big One. (My heart does go out to Patty, though.)

Yesterday's run was 7.5 miles, including intervals where I ran faster (but not, like, FAST) for periods of 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00. Most of my runs have been pretty leisurely; I haven't thought one bit about actually trying to go fast. But it was heartening to learn that I could run at an accelerated speed for four minutes, recover within a minute, then run faster again for another four minutes. Who knew I could do that?

I kind of keep forgetting that I'm training for a half-marathon. I just love running--just love being out there, particularly when the weather is cold, and hearing my feet hit the ground. I was a little wary about running yesterday because of my 12.6-mile long run on Saturday (would I be recovered enough?), but everything was fine, except for my poor blistered toe, which looked a whole lot worse than it felt.

Running is so much like long-distance hiking. And piano. And writing a novel. I'm definitely in an "in-for-the-long-haul" zone in so many areas of my life, and I love it. I am a long-haul person. I love giving myself a seemingly impossible goal, and then whittling away at it until I reach it, enjoying the journey along the way.

Because it really is the journey I love. The destination is just an excuse for me to make the journey.


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