Long Run Today

This is probably really pathetic, but I've been looking forward to this long run for two weeks now. Wondering if today would ever get here. Hoping that the weather would be nice.

It's supposed to be very windy today, but the rain is gone. If all goes as planned, this 12-mile run will be my last long run that is less than half-marathon distance. Yee-ha! And the Thunder Road Half is still over a month away!

Update: I actually ran 12.6 miles, by accident. I was enjoying my run so much that I forgot to stop. That makes 31.3 miles for the week! Since I read that long runs are supposed to be slow, I planned to go at a very slow pace. I ended up averaging 10:58 per mile (I ran for 2 hours, 18 minutes, 15 seconds). 10:58 isn't much slower than my regular, not-so-speedy 10-minute-per-mile pace. But I guess the stopwatch doesn't lie.

I think I love running almost as much as I love hiking. In fact, this afternoon, just before my run, I thought, "It's a perfect day for running." Usually on days like this (clear skies, 52*F), I think, "It's a perfect day for hiking."

Running and hiking have a lot in common, though. Just as with hiking, on the last mile of my run, I fantasized about hamburgers and pizza.

And now I have a nasty half-callus/half-popped blister on my middle right toe, and it's bleeding. Hiking has never given me a blister like this. Though I shouldn't complain ... a blister is nothing compared to, say, a torn ligament or a bone spur. So life is indeed good.

If you're interested, you can find my running log (with comments for each day) here.

I promise. I'll catch up on e-mails tomorrow.


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