Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Life Lately

This is going to be one of those brief blog posts that are primarily of interest to people like my mom and Kris, who actually care to hear about the tidbits of my exciting life.

Running: I ran 7.25 miles on Monday and 6 miles yesterday. Tomorrow I'm running 4 miles, and Saturday's "long run" will be 8 miles. Do you know what that means, people? A 20+ mile week! I've come close to 20+ mile weeks before, but I've never quite made it. This week will be different. I've started listening to Phedippidations, a running podcast, while I run, and it makes the miles more fun. I was so glad to discover this little find through Not Born to Run, one of my new favorite blogs.

Also, now that we're having perfect fall weather here in western North Carolina, I've been running outside a lot. Ahhh ... running outside is so much better than the treadmill!

I was disappointed to learn that the Kiawah Island Half-Marathon is SOLD OUT. I didn't know races could be sold out. Live and learn. That was my half-marathon goal, the Kiawah Island race, and now it's not gonna happen. So I need to find another December half that's within a six-hour drive of Asheville.

Piano: I've been going through some issues with piano, issues that I can't discuss here. I've been very discouraged lately. Having lots of frustrations and disappointments. I'm working through them (I think), so I hope to be posting more about piano, both here and on my practice blog, soon. Stay tuned.

Writing: I love my novel-writing workshop! I spend two hours yesterday working on notes for an actual novel! I've abandoned (for now) the novel I was working on last year. It's very personal and autobiographical even though it's fantasy-fiction, and even if I were to finish it, I can't imagine wanting to try to publish it. So I've started a new one. For now, I'm calling it "GM," not because it's about cars, but because that's the acronym for the working title.

Work: I may have a part-time job at a bookstore, starting next week!!

So, there are the updates. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

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