Go Figure

When I'm working for an employer, I see blogging and net-surfing time as fun little diversions from work. I don't feel guilty about playing because I work hard and I get the job done well.

When I'm working for myself (i.e., writing this novel), those "fun little diversions" take up valuable time that would better be spent working. I'm a hard-driving boss, I am. Boss Waterfall is breathing down my neck right now, asking why I'm blogging and not working.

I'm blogging, of course, to let everyone know I'm still here, and to tell y'all all the good newses. (I know it's incorrect, but I love pluralizing collective nouns. A big ball of excitement, I am.)

1. I'm practicing piano again. Liszt is sounding really good. Bach is coming along more smoothly. I'm getting ready to start a Shostakovich. Music life is good.

2. Writing workshop was last night. My chapter from "GM" got critiqued. Positive comments all around. I received some very positive comments from the workshop leader, a respected literary novelist in western NC, and that had me walking a few inches above the ground after the class was over.

3. I'm going to be working for a local bookstore, and one of my "jobs" will be running writing workshops for teens. Woo hoo! That means teaching--only on my terms!

4. We have a new room in our house. It's an old room, a sunroom, but it seems new because I moved my grandparents' old poreclain-topped table into it after we got the new furniture. I also moved a bookshelf, a wicker dresser, and a few chairs, and voila ... it's my writing room. I'm calling it the Walker Percy Room because Walker Percy is my novel-writing hero and ... well, it just puts me when a mood to write when I know I'm sitting in a room called the Walker Percy Room.

So. I'm off to the Walker Percy Room. Have a good day, y'all.


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