Friday's Run

Gorgeous weather (temps in the high 50s/low 60s). Leaves changing. Smoky Mountains in the distance. Harvest moon at dusk. Eight miles.

No. Not eight miles. I was supposed to run eight miles, but I measured wrong. (I really need to get one of those gadgety-wristwatch things.) I only went six and a half miles. And tonight, for the first time since I started running, I have shin splints.

After only six and a half stinkin' miles.

It could be that I ran my first 20+ mile week this week:

Sunday: 7.25 miles
Tuesday: 5.5 miles
Thursday: 3.25 miles
Friday: 6.5 miles

It could also be that today's run was a little hilly, and I don't know the correct form for running downhill. (Is there a correct form? There must be. I really need a coach.)

Rest day on Saturday. Rest day on Sunday, too, if my shins still hurt ... but hopefully they won't hurt!

Oh, and I found a December half within six hours of Asheville. Fredericksburg would have been more adventurous (thanks for the suggestion, Jeanne!), but I decided on Charlotte. It was the more sensible choice.

And you know I'm always all about making sensible choices (heh).


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