Draft of Chapter 2

Welp, I finished my draft of Chapter 2 today. It took me forever. I started it before our big road trip, but I haven't been able to focus on more than a couple of pages at a time for the past week. So it seems like the chapter has dragged on and on.

I didn't really feel like working on it this morning. I just knew I'd re-read what I had of the draft, and then gag with disgust at what trite situations, what stilted dialogue, what flat characters I had penned word-processed.

But I didn't gag. I laughed. In a good way. Some of Chapter 2 is pretty funny. Chapter 1 is slow-paced and a little brooding, deep rather than broad, and Chapter 2 is more fast-paced, with transitions to and from several different scenes. The reader is also introduced to several characters that play significant roles in the story.

I just sent the fresh draft to Mrs. Gwen. Mrs. Gwen is my fresh-draft reader. Once I hear back from her, I'll work on a revision, which I'll submit to my novel-writing workshop next week.

I love writing. It's a lot of hard work, but that's part of what I love about it.

Update: Mrs. Gwen approves of Chapter 2! (Granted, Mrs. Gwen is my biggest fan, but I also trust her judgement. She'll tell me if it's bad, or if I sound more cynical, sarcastic, or uncouth than I mean to sound.)


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