Best. Low-Fat. Lasagna. Ever.

Dodger and I just made Dodgerfall Lasagna for the Hubster. Mmm. It was sooo good, and made with (almost) all fat-free, low-fat, and low-sodium ingredients. Here's the recipe. It takes a good couple of hours to prepare (including veggie chopping, sauce-making, and the hour for lasagna-baking), but it's well worth the effort. A great recipe for if you're having people over for dinner, I would think. I served it with garlic bread (we cut roast-garlic bread into slices, then put cheese on top and broiled it for a few minutes) and salad (romaine with fresh chopped oregano and parsley, with Paul Newman's light Italian dressing).

I call it Dodgerfall lasagna because it was a true team effort: Dodger browned the meat and chopped up the tomatoes while I chopped onions, minced garlic, and made the cheese mix. It's also Dodgerfall lasagna because I kept forgetting things and we had to be a little creative with the layers ... so we didn't exactly follow the recipe, though we tried.

Dodger chopped the oregano and parsley while I cut the lettuce for salad, and then we both tested the sauce, the cheese concoction, and the bread before Hubster got home. We hid the bread from Hubster, but I couldn't keep it hidden; when Hubster got home, I gave him a big ole slice of garlic bread with some of the sauce on it, and some shredded parm to top it. Hubster was so happy ... it made my little heart go pitter-patter.

Anyway ...

If you use this recipe (and I wholly encourage you to do so), remember:

- Cook the noodles before you do the layers. (I remembered to do this after one layer of dry noodles was beneath several layers of sauce and cheese. I cooked the remaining noodles, and we couldn't tell that the bottom layer hadn't been cooked.)

- Grease the casserole dish before you start layering. (We remembered to do this, but almost forgot.)

- Use twice as much spice as the recipe calls for. (I always do this. Automatically. Hubster likes his food spicy.)

- Don't use higher-fat ingredients just because you're not on a diet and think the higher-fat stuff will taste better. You really won't be able to tell that half the cheeses are fat-free.

I call this the Best Low-Fat Lasagna Ever because it's only 10.5 grams of fat and 380 calories per serving, and it is dee-lish. Of course, who can eat only one serving of lasagna per sitting? After you've added the second half-serving, the non-non-fat garlic bread, the green salad (even though you use light Italian dressing), and the red wine, you've downed a good many calories.

But who's counting? (If you are counting, then you in particular must try this recipe!)

It's from Cooking Light, of course. Enjoy!


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