Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Intermittent Blog Post

Waterfall here, reporting from the road (again).

Starting five days ago, I traveled from Asheville (North Carolina) to Tennessee to Virginia to West Virginia (Athens) to Virginia (Staunton) back to West Virginia (Athens) and then to eastern Ohio. I've spent the past five nights as follows:

Thursday night: In our new sleep-number bed at home in North Carolina

Friday night: In a cheap, cigarette-smelly motel room in Athens, WV

Saturday night: At my friend Tina's house in Churchville, VA

Sunday night: In the top bunk of a child's bunk bed in Fairfield, OH

Monday night: In a bed at Dan's friend Pepe's parents' house in Wintersville, OH

I was supposed to be at the ALDHA Gathering all weekend, but plans changed and I went to a funeral on Saturday--a good friend's husband, age 39, was killed in a car crash last week. It was unbelievably sad. They had just gotten married in 2004 and were very happy together. I wanted to stay in Virginia longer, but I needed to get back to West Virginia (to pick up Hub from the Gathering) so we could get to Ohio, where the Hubster was scheduled to do some presentations about his walk across America.

This morning I went with Hubster to watch him do a presentation at Indian Creek High School in Wintersville. Then I went to The Center for Music and Art, a very nice music/piano store in Wintersville, and they let me practice for two hours on a Baldwin baby grand in one of their teaching studios. Now I'm at the library, blogging away. I'm supposed to be working on Chapter 2 of my novel. I'll do that in a minute.

Ran yesterday--5.75 miles. Good run, though not long enough.

I'm ready for life to slow down. I start my new bookstore job on Friday and was hoping to do a 5K in Lexington Saturday morning and spend the rest of Saturday at the BBQ Festival with my birthmom, (half-)sister, (half-)brother, and future (half-)sister-in-law. We'll see if I have any energy left for running by then. It'll be toss-up.

Signing off for now. The novel calleth!

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