Running Update

Stay tuned ... piano and writing updates to come.

I never wrote much about the 5K I ran last Saturday. It was fun. I was so full of energy--both nervous and excited at running my first race ever. I resolved to stick to a comfortable pace--one that allowed me to breathe comfortably--which means about a 10-minute mile for me. My goal was to finish the 5K a tiny bit faster than that: 3.1 miles in 30 minutes.

I found that it's hard to stay at a comfortable pace, though, when people are passing you up!

Funny story: When they were telling us to line up for the race, they said for "elite" runners to get at the front of the line. I made my way to the back, then asked a random runner, "So, is this where the non-elite runners are supposed to be?" Simply trying to make a self-deprecating joke, I was! But boy, he looked insulted. He wouldn't even answer me. Oops!

I came out 164th out of about 265 runners (including men and women), with a time of 28:17. I was proud of myself. I also now have a PR (personal record) to try to beat!

Monday I ran eight miles, and my legs felt so tired that I took Tuesday and Wednesday off. Did some weight training (nothing too intense) on Wednesday, then ran my speed intervals yesterday. They totaled about 7.1 miles. My legs are tired today.

There's something wrong here ... my "long run," the longest I've ever run at once, was eight miles. My "speed intervals," a routine I got from a Runner's World's workout for beginning runners, take me just over seven miles. Odd.

Now that I've increased my mileage, I've also discovered some of the downsides of running: blisters, rapidly-aging gym clothes (I desperately need to order new stuff from Title 9), and sports-bra chafing--ouch!

I'll be on the road a lot for the next week, but I'm hoping to run five miles on Saturday. That'll total 25.1 miles for the week--a record for me!


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