I Love Long-Run Days

Long-run days are the best. On Mondays, my long-run days, I don't do intervals or hills or anything that leaves me (too) out of breath. I just run as slowly as I need to and keep running until I've reached my goal for the day.

Today's goal was eight miles. I started feeling a little tired at seven miles, more from the heat and sun than from the fatigue of running. I'm sure I could have gone farther than eight miles, but I don't want to push myself. The run took about 80 or 90 minutes. (I know I should keep better track of my time, but I don't. Oh well.) I'm apparently a 10-minute miler, whether I'm running a "slow and steady" pace or doing speed intervals with slower running in between.

Tomorrow is a rest day. My shins are a little sore (probably from the pounding on the sidewalk), and I have a little blister on one of my toes. It's my first blister from running. I should cherish this moment.

Sigh. Moment duly cherished.

Eight miles is a distance-record for me. The next long-run goal will be nine miles, but I probably won't try it for a couple more more weeks.

And then, one of these days ... 13.1 miles (a half-marathon). One of these days.


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