Hideaway is Traumatized

Some people get really grumpy and mean when they're sick. My cat, Beau, is one of those people. Unfortunately, the victims of our meanness are typically those who are closest to us. I have an injured right hand (my right front paw, so to speak), and poor Hideaway, my calico, has injured feelings.

Hideaway traumatizes easily. She's a mentally fragile, emotionally unstable cat (it runs in our family). I'm sure Beau hissed and swiped at her this weekend while Hub and I were in Hot Springs. When we got home yesterday, she was under the bed and wouldn't come out for hours. Meanwhile, Beau seemed back to his normal self, albeit very upset that he can't go outside until his foot is healed.

Hideaway ("Heidi") came out last night and snuggled with me for a while, then jumped on the bed this morning for her snuggle session (as per her usual daily routine. In addition to being mentally fragile and emotionally unstable, she's very regimented and particular about her schedule). Next on our "schedule," after my morning coffee and our breakfast (cereal for me, cat food for the cats, Beau's with antibiotic slipped in), Hideaway sits in the "client chair" next to my desk and I write my Morning Pages.

Well, Heidi wouldn't sit in the client chair. She just stood next to it. Beau walked past, a little close to her, and tried to nuzzle her. She turned and hissed, and then high-tailed it to the bedroom and hid under the bed.

In addition to this behavior, she's nervously licked a bloody hole into her skin the size of a half-dollar. Which means we're going to the vet today.

I have a full day of editing ahead of me. I guess one of my breaks will be Vet Visit #3 of the past month.

Sigh. A cat-momma's work is never done.


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