Blogging lends itself to cycles--for a while, I'll blog several times a day, and then I'll drop off the face of the earth for a few days. Sometimes I quit blogging because I'm too darn depressed to write anything other than the tormented thoughts that have ambushed me (therefore I don't blog at all ... who wants to read tormented thoughts?). Other times, I'm too busy with "life" to blog.

Lately, I'm glad to say, I've been busy. Our houseguests, who arrived Thursday evening, left this morning. I ran the 5K Saturday. Saturday night was a banquet for Hub's company. Church was yesterday, and then a day hike to Black Balsam. Then I made dinner--baked rosemary chicken, rice, green beans, and ice cream with yummy warm strawberry sauce for dessert. I've managed to do some editing and some reading here and there, but writing and piano have been on the back burner. I've fallen behind on both blogging and e-mails.

Priorities are easing back into their natural order today. I have three novel ideas in my head. One is "TNP," which I started last summer. Another is "NH," which is only a germ of an idea ... but I'm a lot more excited about it than I am about "TNP." (I'm sure this is because germs of ideas are always more exciting than ideas that have been halfway fleshed-out in necessarily sloppy first drafts).

The third is "DM." I got the idea for this story from the Bible and have some ideas about retelling it as a modern tale. An old trick, sure, and a common exercise for creative-writing students. But such a concept has stood the test of time for a reason, and I'd like to try my hand at it.

I need to narrow my focus to one of the ideas for my novel-writing workshop. Three students are submitting material for critique each week. It's not my week, but my week will eventually be here, and I need to have something to submit. I can either clean up a chapter of "TNP" or draft a chapter of "NH" or "DM."

I'll get started on today's segment of editing Jan's book, "TOA." I've found that editing other people's writing tends to help motivate me to work on my own writing.

After that, more novel-class work. Then my long run (goal today is eight miles). Then piano.

Somewhere in that time frame, I'll wash (and fold, and dry) three loads of clothes, vacuum, buy groceries, cook dinner, and clean the guest room and bathroom. Oops. I just realized I forgot to take a shower this morning. Oh well.

Question: How did I ever get it all done when I was working full-time as a tech writer, and then as a teacher?

Answer: I didn't. And it bothered me. I don't like to admit that, but it did.

Back to work.


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