Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This and That

This blog is getting so ... bloggy. Blech. Those of you who miss my piano posts can find 'em at my practice blog. It's very boring for non-pianist types, but would probably be of some interest to other amateur pianists.

I've been under the weather a little bit, trying to adjust to medications. Life on medication is very different ... it's good, but it's different. I'm calmer and less irritable, but I'm also not very motivated to write or practice piano, and I've been having to make a conscious effort to do both. Once I get started, I'm there. But it takes awhile.

School is starting everywhere. The teacher blogs are suddenly less busy, and when the teachers do post, they talk about in-services and students and co-workers. I wondered if I would miss school, if I would regret having stepped down from the teaching job. So far, I don't. I miss certain things about it, but I know I did the right thing.

I have several freelance writing jobs in the pipes. One is a definite "go" and I'm just waiting for the work to come in. Another is a possibility, and if it comes through ... it will be a nice job. I'm almost finished with the book I've been editing for the last month, waiting for my author to send me Chapter 21. While waiting, I'm going to work on her intro--that's on the agenda for today.

I met with a trainer named Maggie yesterday. She is a runner, and I wanted to pick a runner's brain about what I should and shouldn't be doing in my quest to someday run a half-marathon. I learned that I'm doing several things wrong, so I'm eager to get back to the gym and start doing them right:

1. I've been trying to increase my distance while increasing my speed. Bad, bad, bad. When I want to focus on distance, I should remain at a comfortable jog. When I want to work on speed, I should work in intervals and not concern myself with covering X number of miles.

2. I haven't been doing any lower-body weight-training. I figured running covered everything. (And boy is it shaping up these legs of mine!) I need to do some lower-body weights, it seems, to hit some of the spots that running doesn't hit.

3. I shouldn't try to run every day. I should run no more than four days a week, and two of those days should focus on speed and/or hills while two of them focus on longer distances at a slower pace.

So, I need to make a few changes in my routine.

I made Hubster a delicious dinner the other night, and it took all of 25 minutes to prepare: Chicken and Summer-Vegetable Tostadas from the August 2006 issue of Cooking Light. It was so good that I wanted to tell everyone about it, and that you can find it online at the link above. Cooking Light is, hands-down, my favorite magazine. Not only does it have great healthy recipes, but it's well-written and the copy editor rocks because I rarely ever find annoying typos.

Piano lessons start again tomorrow. Woo hoo! I've spent many hours at the piano this summer and am ready to begin lessons again.

That's about it. My author's manuscript is a-callin'. Later, y'all.

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