Running & Piano Updates

Can I write more about how good it feels to be normal? OK, I'll try not to harp on it. But I will say that sleep, meds, and running have changed my life.

Speaking of running ... I'm planning to run in my first 5K in September, and then a half-marathon in December, with a few 5Ks and/or 10Ks in between. And I have even better news: Hubster said he might start running with me. Woo hoo!

Running has cured some other physical ills I was dealing with. It's helped my circulation, my tension-induced back pain, and my breathing. My body just works better. Long-distance hiking does the same thing to me. It's good for body as well as the soul.

I haven't written about piano, but that isn't because I haven't been playing. My practice times have been coming in snatches of time here and there. I'm fitting in at least an hour a day, and my pieces are coming along. I'm excited because I'll be starting a Shostakovich piece within the next couple of months, and also a Haydn sonata that will allow me to improve/show off my fast-fingerwork abilities. Fun!

That's about it. I have more that I want to write about, but it's all jumbled in my head right now, and I still haven't done Morning Pages for the day. Later, y'all!


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