Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Piano Day! Hooray! Hooray!

It's finally Piano Day! Folks, it's been awhile since my last Piano Day. My teacher, Deborah, took "summer vacation" so we had no piano lessons for two long weeks. What's worse is that I forgot there was no piano the first week and I went anyway. No one was there. I was so sad. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding no toys. I called Deborah's cell phone and left her a voice mail, asking her where she was, then after I hung up I felt like a doofus because only then did I remember it was "summer vacation."

Pooh. Then my lesson was supposed to be yesterday but Deborah called earlier this week and asked if I come come today instead. Oh, okay. I'll wait twenty-four more endless hours. Sigh.

But before my piano lesson starts, I have to finish editing Jan's introduction so she can get it to her publisher, meet with the new English teacher (the one who's replacing me), work on an essay, and do some research for my hiking book. Oh, and I want to stop and visit a company that may be hiring me on a freelance basis. And run four miles. All before 4:30. Better get busy!

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