Bumbleberry Cobbler & Tuna

Since Thursday was my dad's 73rd birthday and yesterday was Beau's tenth birthday, yesterday was a good day for celebration. My dad and Hubster went to play golf in the afternoon while my mom and I worked on my dad's birthday present: Bumbleberry Cobbler.

I'd never heard of bumbleberry cobbler, but it was in my King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion (awesome cookbook--highly recommeded for the baker in your life). It's basically made of a blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, brown sugar, and a homemade biscuit-crust topping. Yum. My dad loves berries, biscuits, vanilla bean ice cream, and a little decaf after dinner, so after dinner I served bumbleberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream and a little decaf.

My dad was happy. :)

For Beau's birthday, I bought a small can of tuna, and my mom got him a cat toy and some Whisker Lickins cat treats. He ate his tuna while we ate our bumbleberry cobbler, then he had some Whisker Lickins for dessert.

Beau was happy. So was Hideaway, who got to eat some Whisker Lickins, too. :)


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