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And Now, For a Bit of Fun

Decisions, Decisions!

Running & Piano Updates

For the Beauty of the Earth

I Ran Seven Miles Today!

Tar Heel Tavern is Up!

Normal Feels Blissful

Story of an Essay Draft

It's Greek to Me ... No, It's Chinese ...

4 + 5 = Green. Naturally.

Blonde Moment

Identity Moment

Monday, August 21

Quick Break from Writing

Friday, August 18

August 17: Piano Lesson

Wednesday, August 16

It's Piano Day! Hooray! Hooray!

This and That

Tuesday, August 15, Part II

Tuesday, August 15

Tuesday Morning Adventure

Genre Ambivalence

How It Feels To Be Functional

Sunday Travel

Fall Semester Starts Soon!

Sunday, August 13

Bumbleberry Cobbler & Tuna

Cocktail Party

Birthday "Reprint"

Fugin' is Fun (and I am a Big Ball of Mush)

Fugin' is Fun

Tiny Practice

I Need Two Practice Sessions a Day

Geeky Essayist

Monday, August 7

Four Miles!

Writing Projects

I'm Not a Music Critic, but I'm Critiquing Anyway

Tar Heel Tavern is Up!

Decision Made. Dilemma Resolved.

Day Off

Dilemma Time

Ten Reasons I Love Learning "Ständchen"

Tuesday, August 1