Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tar Heel Tavern #73: In A Pickle

Oh, dear. I seem to be in a pickle. I’m the host of this week’s Tar Heel Tavern, the theme of which is “In a Pickle,” and I haven’t a thing to submit. How embarrassing. Between my topsy-turvy week and my current touch-and-go Internet access, my blogging life has come to a near-standstill. So, instead of perusing this blog for a brilliant post on being “in a pickle,” check out some of the posts described below--all written by North Carolina bloggers who did submit something for this week's Tavern.

Ron of 2sides2Ron tells us that promoting Democracy in the Middle East is a lofty goal, but he wonders if US foreign policy will be able to survive it, given the situation that has developed in the Middle East. In Picky Democracy, he asks if we've put ourselves in a proverbial pickle with the legitimization of Hamas as a democratic choice. What do you think? Stop by his blog and let him know!

On a lighter note, Erin of Poetic Acceptance brought back fond memories of 80s-era arcades with her hilarious “embarrassing-moment” story, complete with picture. She writes about a day in the life (her life) of a young, as-yet-undeveloped teenager. (Oh, aren’t those years just full of most embarrassing moments?). Read about her fine leather-looking 80s swimsuit and her adventure on a kiddie dolphin ride that was “made to fit the butts of toddlers, not the smart asses of teenagers.” Heh. I love that line.

You know, if I were a hard-butted professional athlete (would that I were!) and I got caught in a doping scandal, I’d sure be in a pickle. In The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Some athletes lose sight of sportsmanship of biking, Phillip Barron of posts an article on just what is wrong with doping. In a word (well, three words), he writes, “doping is cheating.” He later writes, “Cheating (or doping) enters the picture when the desire to win the game supplants the desire to be an athlete who is worthy of winning.” Wise words, there.

Coturnix of A Blog Around the Clock found himself in a bit of a pickle this week, not having a single item to submit that would fit the “in a pickle" theme. So he submitted several and graciously invited me to choose one. Alas, my pitiful computer situation didn’t allow me the leisure to pick and choose, so I read all of them, and I now submit them to you: Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!, What is the Future of the Institution of Marriage?, The Dance and the Snakes, and Friday Weird Sex Blogging: The Birds Do It. Which do you find the most pickle-worthy? On second thought, don’t answer that.

Colonel Corn's Camera offers a great story about a pickle that he and his rival professional photographers found themselves in. Seems they needed to get a picture of a defendant exiting the Mecklenburg County Court House … only they didn’t know what she looked like, they didn’t know what door she would be exiting, and they weren’t allowed to take cameras into the court house itself. What followed was the Comedy of Sprinting Photographers. Funny stuff. Read all about it.

To be “in a pickle” means to be in an embarrassing or crucial situation. So, why would anyone want to risk being in a pickle? “Our world has turned into The Olive Garden,” writes songwriter Christine Kane, where “The reigning mantra seems to be, ‘Just keep us safe. Don’t challenge us. Fill us up with pasta and the same salty salads everywhere we go.’" And you can bet those salads don’t include pickles.

She suggests a once-a-month “Adventure Day,” in which you try something a little scary, or maybe a little cheesy, every now and then--just to break the monotony of our “Olive-Garden” world and maybe open our eyes (and our lives) a little bit. And if you find yourself in a pickle in the process … so what? Click the "Adventure Day" link above and read all about one of Christine’s own Adventure Days.

Over at ...slowly she turned, Laurie thought the theme was “in a sickle,” so she proceeded to write about life in a hammock. Seriously, check out her blog for some peaceful pictures, all taken from a hammock, of her stay at Lake Waccamaw last month.

Billy the Blogging Poet had nary a pickle-themed poem to submit, so he did the second-best thing: submitted The Ballad of Bread and Butter. Perhaps this week’s Tavern will inspire him to add a verse …

When I named the “in a pickle” theme, I wondered who would submit the oddest pickle-post of all. The award goes to Mr. Ogre of Ogre's Politics and Views. He begins by telling us what we all wanted to know: four-foot tall plastic floating pickles are indeed available on the internet. His "Giant Pickle" post is all-inclusive and even includes a pickle anecdote. And he tells us that, while he likes pickles, he’s “not really ready to make the commitment to LOVE them just yet.” When you do, Mr. Ogre, we know you’ll be running up your credit card at

As for myself, I hate pickles, I love Adventure Days, I drool over hard-butted athletes, I’m a little leery about sleeping in hammocks, I'm crazy about poetry, I'm not a very good photographer, I have No Comment on matters political, and I'm wondering how many people clicked the "Weird Sex Blogging" link before any other.

Dear readers, I hope you get a chance to check out all of the North Carolina blogs linked above. And don't forget to visit Moomin Light next week for the 74th edition of the Tavern.

Many thanks to all who submitted!

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