Saturday, July 8, 2006

Saturday, July 8

No time to write at the moment, but I wanted to put this down before I forgot.

One hour of practice today. About 20 minutes on scales, arpeggios, and inversions. More time than I'm "supposed" to spend on them, but I find them therapeutic.

About 40 minutes on the fugue. Lots of drilling on small sections. I played one small section probably 40 or 50 times. It sounded much better after all of that.

I like this drilling ad infinitum thing. Like the scales, they're therapeutic, and that's what I need right now.


robert said...

Twenty minutes isn't bad at all, Waterfall. I do about 30-35 minutes -- I was doing 45, but my teacher put a stop to that. Is definitely good for the soul. It may be that some of the issues you've had with arpeggios may be a time function.

oceanskies79 said...

I am getting to like scales. Playing scales is much easier than playing sight-reading pieces.

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