Inanimate Objects with Names: Cars

If you read this blog with any regularity, you probably know about my laptop, Franz, and my piano, George. And you've probably figured out that I have a tendency to give names to inanimate objects.

I was thinking about that this morning on my way to Asheville in my car, Elton. "Self," I thought, "You've named every single car you've ever had."

My first car was my actually dad's car, a white Isuzu Impulse. It looked kind of like this. His name was Elmo. I'm not sure why I named him Elmo, or why I made him a "him." All of my friends with cars had named their vehicles, too. (OK, so I went to a ritzy private school. A lot of my friends had cars.)

My second car was a used 1986 Ford Tempo that looked like this one, only imagine that it's red-orange.

Because the car was a Tempo, I decided to give name it "Allegro," allegro being a nice, fast-but-not-too-fast tempo in music.

Well, I had this car at Mary Baldwin College. The school is built on a steep hill. My Tempo slowed to an absolute crawl on those hills. So I renamed it "Largo." In music, largo was the slowest tempo on the metronome.

After college, I traded in old Largo and got a brand-spanking new 1992 Plymouth Sundance America. It looked a lot like the car featured here. I loved the color, which was aqua. I never had trouble finding it in a parking lot. Ever. This car's name was Aquaman. I wanted to get "AQUAMAN" for my license plate, but they charge an arm and a leg for those personalized things!

Well, Aquaman eventually got traded in, and I drove my mom's car, a Dodge Intrepid, for a year or so. I never named it. It wasn't my car, so I didn't feel like I had a right to name it.

Now I have a Dodge Neon named Elton. The only reason I named it "Elton" was because of the Elton John song, "In Neon." Whenever I thought, "I'm driving a Neon," I would get that song stuck in my head.

So yes, I guess you could say that I named my car after Elton John.

So, do you name your vehicles? Do tell!


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