Sunday, July 2, 2006

An Hour in the Icebox

The LSU practice rooms are freezing cold. I guess they need to counteract the 103-degree heat and 90% humidity outside. I practiced for an hour this evening ... if I'd practiced any more, I think I would need to be treated for frostbite.

Seriously, it wasn't that cold, but I did stop practicing when I could no longer feel my fingertips touching the keys. I pity the LSU School of Music students.

I worked on Bach (again). Poor, neglected Liszt. As much as I adore the great Romantic virtuoso, my ever-bewigged Bach just has that je ne sais quoi (or would that be an Ich weiß nicht?). Yesterday, I played through the fugue a few times, hands separately, and noted the measures that didn't feel entirely natural to my hands after playing them a million times. For today's practice, I dug into those "trouble spots." I think it was a productive practice.

I'll be on the road tomorrow and Monday, so I may not be posting again for a while. I apologize for the spottiness of my posts lately. I promise, things will get better once I have access to my own computer at home!

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