Finally Meme-ing

As you can tell, I've neglected this poor blog lately. You might even say I've been cheating on it, since I post to my practice log nearly every day. The practice log seemed like a good idea--I could post my practice notes without boring my "A Sort of Notebook" audience to tears--but when I do sit down to blog, I tend to go to the practice log and not here. Not good.

I was tagged for a meme ages ago by Coturnix. So, finally, I'm going to Just Do It. It's meme-time!

The "4" Meme

4 jobs you've had:

1. English composition teacher
2. Social services director
3. Life-drawing model
4. Secretary Administrative assistant

4 movies you could watch over & over:

1. Amadeus
2. Shadowlands
3. Harold & Maude
4. Shakespeare in Love

4 places you've lived:

1. Yellowstone National Park, WY
2. Plaquemine, LA
3. Staunton, VA
4. New Orleans, LA

4 TV shows you love to watch (I rarely ever watch TV):

1. House (though I thought it was a home-improvement show before I ever saw it)
2. Law and Order: SVU
3. Mindless VH-1 "countdown" shows
4. "I Love the 70s" on VH-1

4 places you've been on holiday:

On holiday? That's British for "on vacation" isn't it?

1. Israel
2. Hot Springs, Arkansas
3. Disney World
4. The Appalachian Trail (pretty good six-month "holiday")

4 websites you visit daily (I read most blogs via Bloglines):

3. (usually!)
4. Piano World Forums

4 of your favorite foods:

1. Chocolate
2. Avocado rolls from Zen Sushi
3. Broccoli
4. Cauliflower

4 places you'd rather be:

1. on the Long Trail in Vermont (though the blackflies might be bad right now)
2. on the Pacific Crest Trail
3. at the piano (George is waiting!)
4. with my husband, who hasn't been home all summer because he's a camp director

4 lucky people to tag (I don't know if any of these, except maybe Pei Yun, are meme types. We'll see!)

1. Miz Delphi Chassis
2. eArThworm
3. Pei Yun
4. Sojourner


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