Friday, June 2, 2006

What a Good Day

This morning all of my students went to another teacher's room to watch a movie, so I had the morning to myself. Took all my posters down, packed all my books in my car, sent in all the grades, etc. Now my classroom looks so ... generic.

It was a half-day at school, so I left at noon. Ran a few errands, then went to my favorite coffee shop. Sat. Wrote. Wrote some more. Wrote so much I had to stop periodically to shake out my hand. After four hours of writing (and 20 minutes of chatting with a poet friend), I called it a day. Went to my favorite bookstore and bought a book. I also bought a map of my county because I'll need it for a guidebook I'm writing this summer.

Came home. Put a load of clothes in.

I don't feel relaxed yet. It'll probably take a few weeks for me to wind down completely. Right now I just have this awesome sense of relief. It's not over yet, but it'll be over soon.

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