Monday, June 19, 2006

Quick Question About Bloglines

Today I realized that three of my favorite blogs--Brandywine Books, A Circle of Quiet, and Promptings--have been absent from my Bloglines listing for ... who knows how long. I don't recall ever removing them from the blogroll, but I know it's been weeks since I've visited them.

If a blog update doesn't show up on my Bloglines account, then I'm not likely to visit it. I love Bloglines because it saves time and because I can see when all my favorite blogs are updated.

Has anyone else ever had blogs just disappear from their Bloglines listings like this? I'm perfectly willing to admit that I may have deleted them by accident while updating my blogroll, but you'd think I would have noticed. I don't add or delete blogs that often, and when I do delete a blog, it's generally pretty deliberate.

Anyway ... these three thoughtful, well-written blogs are back in my blogroll, I'm happy to say. If you haven't visited them before, I highly recommend them!

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