Friday, June 2, 2006

Penultimate Day of School

Today is a half-day. Today is a nothing day. Today my homeroom class will watch a movie (or something) and I'll go through turned-in books and assess them for damage and determine who needs to pay lifelong penance a measly fine for defacing their literature textbooks and Norton Anthologies.

I've graded all my exams, and I'm turning in most of my grades today. Most kids passed. Some kids did really well. I'm proud of them. I got to give English and writing awards out yesterday at the awards ceremony, and I loved being able to recognize those students who really excelled in my classes. Of course, I wanted to give out more than one award per class, but rules are rules.

After school, I get to go to ... another makeup lesson for piano! Then I get to spend the weekend ... hiking and practicing piano! Then I get to go ... hiking! Then I get to spend my summer ... writing, hiking, and playing piano!

It's almost here. Two half-days left, and the "I'm-so-tired" blog posts will be history, baby.

I'm getting ready to shut down my other blog. If anyone is interested in reading it, let me know (e-mail me).

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