Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No More Practices Before My Lesson Today

I'm very sad about this. This is one of the times I wish I could be a music student and just say "no" to all of the other life responsibilities, claiming that music is more important because I'm paying for my education and I don't want to waste my money.

Alas, music is not my vocation or my primary course of study in a conservatory. It's a mere hobby (she said bitterly)--or, as Julia Cameron writes in The Artist's Way, "fluff around the edges of life."

It is difficult to feel so passionate about fluff.

Commitments, responsibilities, and my own dark moods kept me away from piano yesterday, and I have several appointments this morning before my piano lesson. One is actually a lunch I'm looking forward to, so perhaps I shouldn't complain.

Also, I practiced more in the past week than I was able to practice in a month when I was teaching. So I'll just be thankful for the practice time I did get.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance.

Piano-lesson report to come!

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