Tuesday, June 6, 2006

My Exciting Day

Here's what I did today:

1. Wrote in my journal for about an hour
2. Read poetry for a while
3. Went through some drafts to decide which fiction projects to resume
4. Practiced Liszt
5. Snuggled with the cats before taking an hour-long nap with them
6. Took a walk
7. Went to my poetry group
8. Watched "House"

Not a bad day. The only bad part was missing Hubster, who was at camp all day long.

It felt really good not to talk all day. A long, long time ago, back in my teaching days, I used to get so tired of hearing the sound of my own voice.

I just realized that I barely thought about school at all today. And the kids just graduated last night. Wow. Graduation seems like it was weeks ago already. I can hardly remember it.

Amazing. Talk about leaving the past behind!

Time for bed. I must wake up early for more journaling, poetry, fiction-writing, and piano-practicing.

Life is really good right now.

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