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Date with Bach

No Time for Details

Dance of the Nail-bitten Digits (A Ramble and an Analogy)

Dance of the Digits

Happily Ensconced in Louisiana

Lots of Practice, Little Blogging

More Adorable-Little-Angel Pictures

Under the Weather

Practice Log for Wednesday, June 21

Piano Lesson

I Know I Owe E-mails, etc.

No More Practices Before My Lesson Today

Makeshift Shade

Practice Log for Monday, June 19

Quick Question About Bloglines

Light Blogging

Practice Log for Sunday, June 18

On Contrary Motion Scales

Starting Tomorrow

The Big Recital


Write. Or Get a Real Job.

Work Day

Liszt: More Effective Than Drugs!

Link Gnus

Week of June 11

Week of June 4

Piano Day!

Sketching and Scheduling

Unedited Art Loeb Trail Journal

Practice Log Updates

Dusting Off the Dream of Fiction-Writing

70 Short Minutes to Ecstasy!!

Practice Log for Week of June 11

Visitor #40,000

Home from Hiking

Panic, Poetry, and Piano

My Exciting Day

Bio-Family News

Mary Oliver on the Experience of Poetry

It's the Last Day of School

Practice Log for Week of June 4

Good Things in Threes

Liszt Came Back

Things I Love. A Random Post.

Morning Write, Lantern Light, & A Wall Of One's Own

What a Good Day

Penultimate Day of School

Finding Corners, Laying Down Tracks