Monday, May 8, 2006

This Many More Days!

19 more days of school! And that's including exams, tests, test and exam review days, and everything!

Today, we finished playing the predator/prey simulation game in science. What fun. In English Lit, we had an introduction to James Joyce. In English 9, Atticus made his closing remarks and they lost the case. In comp, we talked about characterization and I sent them home with Welty's "A Worn Path"--what a great story. Creative writing class. What a wonderful excuse to introduce kids to all these wonderful storytellers.

Not much to write today ... it's been a busy day and I have much work to do tonight. Need to work on writing some tests, as well as get started writing the exams and the test/exam guides ... which means a lot of review for me as well. Argh!

It'll be fun. But blogging will probably be light for a while.

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