Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Many Visitors

According to Sitemeter, my visitor population has exploded this month. Before May, this blog averaged about 80 hits a day. Now I'm averaging in the neighborhood of 140. And, according to Sitemeter again, people are staying and reading. There are more page views per visitor, and they're staying for one minute, two minutes, sometimes more.

Has anyone else noticed such a trend on their blogs? As much as I'd like to think that my brilliant writing style and word-of-mouth raving about "A Sort of Notebook" are the elements that keep people coming, it actually seems that Google is picking up every little word in my blog and sending readers here. People looking for such random things as "morphodite," "Haydn," "fantasie," "classroom pictures," "planaria," "English essay" and "mitosis" are ending up here and staying for a few minutes. It seems that Google, which is already wonderful, is getting even better. So, I'd be interested in knowing, from those of you who use a counter program like Sitemeter, if your blogs have also had an increase in Google visitors.

At the same time, my comment numbers have tanked. I used to get several comments per post, and now I'll go days without comments. No, I'm not begging y'all to start commenting; I'm not a particularly big commenter on other blogs myself. I just find it odd that comments have gone down while readership has gone up. Are people just skimming dozens of blogs per day, not really reading them to the degree that they're inspired to comment? (That's what I do, a lot of the time at least.)

OK, enough blogging about blogging.

Is anyone else really sad that Miss Borgia was murdered on Law and Order last night? I am. I've turned into such an L&O couch tater, particularly now that I'm too exhausted to do any real work.

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